The   LEAN SIX SIGMA YELLOW  BELT CERTIFICATION TRAINING allows the learner to understand how to secure the various cloud computing services and deployment models, as well as how to design security in the cloud infrastructure, configurations, and applications running in a cloud computer environment.

Course Benefits

Learn How To:

Explain what the various cloud computing systems and implementation models need to be safe.

Explain safety of layout with respect to cloud infrastructure, settings, and applications running in a cloud computing environment.

Explain, implement, and evaluate how to use accounts, clients, and groups to control access to cloud computing resources.

Explain, implement, and evaluate methods to protect the cloud's overall infrastructure for content, operating systems, applications.

Exam Information

Successfully passing with atleast 65% the 75-minute exam ,  consisting of 25 multiple-choice questions, leads to the certificate of the Professional Cloud Security Manager.

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