PMP Certification Training

Project Management Professional Certification, offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI), is one of the highly reputed and valued industry-wide recognized credentials for project managers.The PMP® certification greatly expands your skills value and potential job opportunities. Recognized globally, help you land lucrative roles in IT, healthcare, manufacturing, finance, and other exciting industries.

Course Overview

Course Description

This course develops a foundation of concepts and solutions that supports the planning, scheduling, controlling, resource allocation, and performance measurement activities required for successful completion of a project. PMP is a widely respected certification across all industries and carries a lot of weight in the Information Technology (IT) industry. Being a PMP makes you stand out of the crowd of project managers, indicating you have a lot of experience and very strong understanding of what it requires to be a great project manager.

It provides you a clear vision of your project and where is it heading, so that you can lead your team to work accordingly. It is the most important industry recognized certification for project Managers.

Target audience

All aspects of project delivery, leading and directing cross-functional teams is manged by experienced project managers

Course Benefits

Benefits to Individual

  • Boosting Self-Confidence.
  • More appealing job candidate.
  • Boost his/her client's confidence in him/her as well as in their Organization.
  • Demonstrating their professional achievements.

Benefits to Organisation

  • increase their employer's confidence in them.
  • Helps in the involvement of management and stakeholders at the right time during the project.
  • Provides a benefit of capturing and sharing lessons learned within the organization.
  • Ensures good communication channels between the project, project management and the rest of the organization.
Course Outline
  • Review all ten Knowledge Areas as well as Social Responsibility and Professional.
  • Identify your responsibilities as a PM Professional.
  • Provide an overall view of the current state of the project management body of knowledge.
  • Prepare for PMP designation, or the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)
Exam Information
  • Objective testing
  • 200 questions each given one mark
  • 25 questions are pretest questions (not counted in results)
  • 106 out of 175 questions have to be answered correctly
  • 4 hours (240 minutes) duration, no extra reading time
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