In order to obtain complete and reliable digital evidence, the Lead Computer Forensics Examiner training will help . Thsi course allows you to acquire the necessary expertise to perform Computer Forensics processes. You will also gain a thorough understanding of the fundamental principles of Computer Forensics based on the best practices used to perform forensic evidence recovery  during this training course.

Course Benefits

Learn How To:

Understand the roles and responsibilities of the Lead Computer Forensics Examiner during digital forensic investigation Understand the purpose of electronic media examination and its correlation with common standards and methodologies Understand the correct sequence of computer incident investigation and digital forensic operation.Understand the common commercial and open source tools that can be used during accident investigations and digital forensic operations Acquire the necessary skills to plan and carry out a computer forensic operation and also develop and maintain a safety net to protect evidence

Exam Information

Candidates must complete the registration form for the test, you can access the registration form for the PECB exam online. Applicants will be required to register for a password-protected account where they can then create, manage, update and submit their application. Applicants can pay their application fees online and upload all the supporting documents required to PECB.The CLFE test is available in various languages (you can find the complete list of languages in the application for examination).

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