Big Data Foundation Certification

This course through savidya will make you an expert in Big Data technologies to an extent with all new technologies like “Hadoop”, “MongoDB” etc. Those who have successfully completed this course through savidya and demonstrate their understanding through the exam of certified Big Data Foundation test.

Course Overview

This course through savidya will help you out with:

  • Big Data Fundamentals.
  • Data Mining: All Concepts & Tools
  • All Latest Technologies: “Hadoop” , “MongoDb”.
  • Big Data Sources.

Cloud excellent practices and principles build the gap between technical skills and the desired business outcomes coming into practice. Savidya online classroom training helps you to be an expert in all the technologies.

This is a foundation level course designed to provide you with an understanding of Big Data, the potential sources of Big Data and also provide an overview of Data Mining and the tools used in technologies. This course with practical exercises properly designed to provide you with some degree of hands-on experience in using two of the most popular technologies in Big Data processing – Hadoop and MongoDB. You will get the opportunity to practice installing these two technologies through online Savidya Work-Labs.

Course Benefits

Different Benefits of Big data Fundamentals Course are:

  • Detailed understanding of Course & its fundamentals.
  • Detailed understanding of  Big data & Mining Concepts.
  • Ability to identify  relevant datasets when looking at a business problems.
  • Detailed Information to install and manage Big Data processing environments based on Hadoop or MongoDB.
Course Outline

This course suited to Information Technology professionals who influence bridge to advanced programming, system administration, or relational database skills and are looking forward in the world of big data. These include:

  • Database Administrators.
  • Business Intelligence Developers.
  • Software Engineers.
  • System Administrators.
  • IT Architects.
Exam Information
  • Computer-based Exams
  • Number of Questions: 200
  • Duration of Exam: 4 Hours
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